Service Times

Golden Gate Cathedral is a church filled with people that come from all walks of life riding the wave of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday we dive deep into the word of God seeking fresh revelation to grow in our faith. No mater where you are in your faith journey we can grow together.

Terrific Tuesday (Every Tuesday - 6:45PM)

Interactive Engaging and Thought Provoking are only a few words that describe our midweek experience. Terrific Tuesday is the perfect space for learning and meeting new people. Terrific Tuesday is held in the sanctuary of our main campus.

365 Youth (Teenagers 6:45PM)

Exciting Engaging and Epic are a few words that describe the teenage experience at GGC. Every Tuesday our aim is to dramatically change the lives of teens by offering them the life changing words of God found in the Bible. We want to bring hope to the hopeless love to the unloved joy to those in sorrow healing to the hurting and salvation to the lost. Don't be surprised if you encounter a live DJ and teenagers on fire for Christ!

K.I.C.K Ministry (Kids In Christ Kingdom) - 7:45AM & 10:15AM

*Sunday & Tuesday worship experience
*5th Sunday worship is family Sunday! Children worship with their family in primary worship experience.
K.I.C.K. challenges students to respond to God's wonderful love with love trust and courageous obedience. K.I.C.K. teaches children that we were created to serve. In light of this K.I.C.K. is very active in the community and partners with organizations such as St. Jude and Pennies for Patients to help raise money and awareness for sick children.

Planting Faith (Tuesdays) 6:45PM

Children ages pre-kindergarten through 5th grade are guided through the bible by energetic ministerial teams teaching age appropriate biblical truth by word song and drama presentations.

Kid Zone (Coming Soon)

Kid Zone is the place tailor made for kids. It's simple! If you are not a kid you will not fit in! Our desire is for children to want to come to church because of how much fun it is and how much they get out of it. Using Biblical stories 3D paintings and a lot of creativity.... Kid Zone is the place for your child!

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